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For information about kite safety and how to fly a kite,  go to Kite Info

April is National Kite Month

The official website of National Kite Month is


American Kitefliers Association

The American Kitefliers Association (AKA) is a national and  international organization of kite flying.

Their website is


Their web site includes an event calendar with all the registered kite flying events in the United States and some international events.

Click here to go to the AKA Event Calendar

Regional Kiting Events

All the events listed here are established events that have been going on for at least three years. However, all events are subject to change or cancellation without notice. There is no charge to the public to attend any of these events.

Brooklyn Bridge Kite Festival – This event usually occurs in September. Kids and adults bring their kites to fly, or buy a kite at the event.
Check the Brooklyn Bridge Park Events Page
Brooklyn Bridge Kite Festival Facebook Page

Coney Island Kite Festival – This event usually occurs in September or early October. Experienced kite flyers bring their big kites for the viewing pleasure of the public. Children and adults can fly on the beach. Bring your own kite, or buy one at the festival.
Coney Island International Kite Festival Facebook Page

Ocean City, Maryland hosts not one, but two kite festivals!
The Maryland International Kite Expo takes place in April. It attracts sport kite flyers and big kite flyers from around the world.
Sunfest Kite Festival takes place in September.
See the Kite Loft Events Page for the latest information on both festivals.

Newport Kite Festival, Newport, Rhode Island – Located at beautiful Brenton Point State Park sound of Newport, this event attracts big kite flyers from all over. The public is also welcome to fly!
Newport Kite
Newport Kite Festival Facebook Page

Wildwood International Kite Festival, Wildwood, NJ
In its 30th year, the Wildwood International Kite Festival always takes place on Memorial Day weekend. Attracting kite flyers from all over the world, events include a big kite flying, sports kite competitions, kite making competition and indoor kiting competition. There is a special field for public flying, and a kite hospital is on site in case your kite needs help!
See Sky Festival Productions Events Page for the latest information.
Wildwood International Kite Festival Facebook Page

Youtube Video of the 2015 Wildwood International Kite Festival


Northeast Regional Kite Clubs


Kites Over New England

New York Kite Enthusiasts (Albany area)

South Jersey Kite Flyers


Kiting Information

Kite Life is a kiting e-zine with information about all kinds of kiting