Kite Vending

At present, we do not have a physical or online store. We are planning to have kites available online soon.

If you would like to sell kites at your event, we have a large selection of kites that we can sell you at wholesale prices, for you to sell at your event. Or, we may be able to sell kites at your event. Retail prices of the kites range from $4 to $25 plus, depending on the size and complexity of the kite.

For best results, contact us at least two months before your event. September is our busiest month, so if you are planning a September event, contact us as soon as you have the dates.

For more information, contact Charles Stewart
Phone  646 249-9165
Email  carloss_11369[at]


Hand-made and purchased kites at Cherry Valley Kite Festival


Member of the public flying hand-made and vended kites on Governor’s Island.